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Traditional Thai Massage  

Traditional Thai massage program provides benefits that assist a broad range of discomforts and stress related disorders. They are effective in treating headaches, shoulder and upper back tensions, joint and soft tissue injury, digestive upsets, insomnia and anxiety. A complete Thai massage generally requires 90-120 minutes and includes working on limbs, fingers, toes, ears, cracking the knuckles, walking on the recipient's back, arching the recipient's back in a rolling action and twists. However, abbreviated routines still provide great benefits.

Oil Massage  

Aromatherapy Oil Massage-Relaxing is a contemporary holistic, non-clinical wellbeing spa, we present a unique blend of Traditional Thai spa rituals that make use of natural ingredients like native flowers, exotic scents, herbs, spices and plants which are found from Thai region.

Aroma Massage in Bhubaneswar,our Traditional Thai massage techniques combine the ancient art of aromatherapy with a therapeutic sense of touch to rejuvenate the tired mind, body and spirit.

About us
About us
Thai Foot Massage  

For foot care, the spa has aromatherapy foot treatments that include detoxification and soft skin therapy as well. Shedding light on the detoxifying procedure, Ritesh says it takes away all pain from the feet as it is done using herbal oils and a Thai compress, which acts like a balm but without heating up in excess. On the other hand, the one for softening skin is more cream-based and is a favourite with ladies. All the foot procedures last for 45 minutes and cost Rs 1000.

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